What is the difference between remanufactured cartridges and refilled cartridges?

There's a big difference! A refilled cartridge is exactly like it sounds: someone has drilled a hole into a used cartridge and stuck toner in there until it's full again. A remanufactured cartridge takes into account so much more. In the remanufacting process, in addition to using a new core rather than a drilled one to put new toner in, all these parts are insepected and replaced as well:

  • wiper blade
  • pcr
  • opc drum
  • mag rollers

When you look at the difference, it's no wonder why our remanufactured cartridges achieve top quality while our competitors have products that frequently leave huge messes of toner in their customers' machines. Our aim at Laser Source is to reach the perfect balance of quality and affordability.

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